About Us

1. So what is PostYourBook.com and how is it different then any other website or buy back programs?

PostYourBook.com is a social networking website where college students can buy and sell textbooks to each other. It was created to help students sell their textbooks for a fair price, while giving other students the ability to buy their book for a fair price. This simultaneously stops the monopolistic practices of “buyback programs” and third party retail textbook sellers. PostYourBook.com is managed and created by two current college students so feel free to contact us with any suggestions or improvements!

2. So how do I go about posting a book?

Posting a book is easy! After you login (or create an account), just hit the “Post a Book” button on the top right of the page to start. Follow the on screen directions. It should take no longer than 3 minutes to post a book! *Remember to price your books accordingly. We recommend you post your book at a price in between what the bookstore is selling it for,and what the buyback program would give you; this way the buyer gets the book for cheaper than the bookstore, and you get to sell your book for more than the amount the buyback program offered you. (Buyer Happy. Seller Happy) Check your messages daily to see the offers you get!

3. What about buying a book?

Buying a book is as simple as selling one. When you register, you will be taken to a page that shows books that only students in your school have posted. Scroll through the pages or use the search bar to find the books you want. Please note that when you use the search bar, the results will first display books from your school, followed by books that students in other schools have posted (within the United States of course.) When you find the best book to your liking you have three options to purchase your book. (Meet On Campus – Pay Cash, Meet on Campus -Pay Credit Card, or Ship to Me- Pay Credit Card)

10. How long does my book posting run?
365 days, or until you sell your book.

Once you sell your book, click the “Manage Books” link under “My Account” on the navigation bar. Find the the book you already sold, and click the X button next to it to take your book listing offline.


Any questions / concerns, suggestions feel free to contact us anytime.
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Happy posting!