To Buy

To buy a book, either enter the ISBN number found on the back of the book, or simply enter the title of the book you need in the “Search for a textbook here..” search bar.

Your search will yield all results that contain the ISBN or title you entered.

You can contact the student selling the book you’re interested in by using the information they provided; either a phone number or email.

Once you come in contact with the student selling the book, you can set up a time and place to finalize the deal.

Did we mention that this is completely free to use!

To Sell

To start selling/posting your books, first register.

All you need to register is a username, email, and password.
Or simply click the “Login using Facebook” button.

Once Logged in,

1. Click on “post a book” from the top right hand side of the page.

2. Fill out your book category, title, author, price you want, phone number and/or email, and etc.

Once you post your book, people who are searching for the book that you have can start calling or emailing you to buy your book from you. You can meet up on or outside campus, and sell your book.

After you sell your book, login to your account and click “Manage Your Books”. Find the book that you sold, and click the “X” button next to it to take it offline. This way people will stop contacting you about the book that you already sold.

Did we mention this is completely free to use!