1. How long does my book posting run?

365 days, or until you sell your book.
*Once you sell your book, you can go to the “Manage Books” link under “My Account” to take your book offline.

2. If I want to meet on campus and pay with a credit card, how do I know that my money is safe and that I will get my book?

If the seller of a book accepts your request to pay with a credit card and meet on campus, a PIN will be generated for you upon your payment. This PIN will be accessible in your “Manage Books” section, and will only release your money to the seller once you give it to him upon receiving your book.

Buyers – Make sure you bring this PIN to the exchange. You need it to get the book.
Sellers – Make sure you don’t give the buyer the book without the PIN. You need to type the PIN in the “Manage Books” section to release your funds.

3. If I pay with credit card, how will I see what I’m being charged?

Before you type in your credit card information, a confirmation page will appear which will CLEARLY display what you are purchasing and how much you are paying. This will and always be: Cost of textbook + $0.99 convenience fee /+ $5 shipping (if you are having the book shipped to you.) We will never charge you for anything else.

4. I have accepted the buyers offer to pay with credit card, and to ship my book. Who pays for the shipping?

The buyer will pay an additional $5 for shipping.
*After shipping the book, make sure to upload the tracking number! Three business days after the book has been delivered, we will release the funds to your account.

5. I paid for a textbook but the seller never shipped it to me in the mail. How do I get a refund?

If in 10 business days you do not receive any updates that your book has shipped, please contact the seller and find out where your book is. If you do not hear back from the seller, use the “contact us” function to request a refund. In the body of the message please include the following information:

Name on Card
Last Four Digits of Your Card
Date Charged
Total Amount Charged

6. So I can invite my friends and win prizes?

From time to time, PostYourBook.com will giveaway cool stuff to help college life flow a little bit easier. To see the items we giveaway click here. In order to participate in the giveaway, users can earn tickets by completing the tasks listed here.

One ticket is the minimum for entering a raffle. More tickets entered = more chances of winning. After the displayed time has elapsed, we will take all the tickets, throw it into a giant virtual hat and randomly pick a winner. The winner’s username will be displayed under the item and we will also notify them via email.

If you have any suggestions, questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at anytime.