Helpful Tips

Helpful tips for exchanging books on or outside campus:

1. Meet in a public place with lots of people!

This can be the local coffee shop, library, student center or the lobby of the building you live in.

2. Inspect what you are getting!

Buyers – Remember to check what you are buying before you hand over the payment! It’s perfectly normal to spend 3 – 5 minutes inspecting the textbooks you are buying. Flip through the pages, make sure the edition is correct and most importantly make sure you are buying the right book! is not responsible for buyer’s mistakes of not inspecting what they are buying.

Sellers – Whether you are expecting a cash payment or the PIN from a credit card payment, be sure to inspect it. If you are given a PIN (for a credit card – meetup payment) make sure the characters from the partial PIN matches to the PIN the buyer is giving you.

3. Transactions that involve shipping..

Sellers – We recommend you ship your books via USPS media mail, as the cost of this shipping method is only around $5. Don’t forget to add tracking by filling out the green slip in your local post office (Tracking is required!). We are not responsible for lost, damaged or disappearing books. That’s for the post office to handle, not us.

Buyers – Shipping may sometimes be slow, so plan accordingly to make sure your book gets delivered to you on time. When the seller uploads a tracking number, you can check the status of the shipment by going to your “Manage Books’ section in your account.

4. Keep good communication!

We built our messaging system to make it easier for college students to communicate with each other when trying to complete a transaction. Check your messages often and make sure you are keeping touch with your buyers/sellers.

If you have any suggestions, questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at anytime.